LINEAGE 2 server advertising on website

Our platform is a good option for advertising Lineage 2 servers, as our site visitors are mostly the players who are looking for new Lineage 2 servers. That's why, advertising new servers with us is effective and produces a desired effect! Yandex Metrics data for January 2015

You may pay through:

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money. For any questions please contact us via
For any questions please contact us via:


VIP STATUS— allows to put your server in bold and bring it to the top of servers on home page where you get maximum redirects.
Cost of service:
10 days = 85 USD.
15 days = 100 USD.
20 days = 125 USD.
30 days = 165 USD.

To secure VIP STATUS — it is possible to top your previously purchased VIP status regardless of the launch date that will provide the maximum number of redirects. To get the service you need to have active VIP status, please CONTACT US and we will provide you with the advice. It worth remarking that while testing we got over 450+ redirects for one server for 12 hours on weekend day. Also we may provide 2-3-4-5 place , find out the prices contacting us.

Cost of service 10 day:
1nd = 160$.
2nd и 3rd = 80$.
4th-10th = 30$.

Wallpapers (branding)
- our site is simply matched to your design, large graph banners top for the whole area linking to your project is a great option to big up the status and visibility of your project.

Cost of service:
30 days = 830 USD
14 days = 415 USD.
Please contact us to book and get the service.
Please check the availability of seats by contacting

Banner advertising
- 3 advertising spaces in every block. It appears that banner gets 33% views upon condition that all spaces are purchased. To purchase, please contact our manager.

Cost of service:
30 days = 65 USD
14 days = 40 USD